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2018 discussion guides

TERM 1, 2018:  GRAND DESIGNS  topical discussions on love, God and life (A4 booklet)

TERM 2, 2018:  EVERY OPPORTUNITY  discussion guides on Christian witness (A5 booklet)

TERM 3, 2018:  IDENTITY CHECK study guides on Christian identity in Ephesians (A4 booklet)

TERM 4 2018:  CROSS PURPOSES study guides on Christian service in Mark's Gospel (A4 booklet)

old testament bible studY GUIDES

FOUNDATIONS FOR LIFE: taking a fresh look at Genesis 1-12 (A5 booklet)

SONGS FOR ALL SEASONS: the offer of faith in the book of Psalms (A4 booklet)

SHOW & TELL: the gospel according to Ezekiel (A4 booklet)

GOING DEEP: 4 studies in the book of Jonah (A5 booklet)

GETTING TO KNOW GOD: exploring the amazing book of Exodus (A4 booklet)

NEW testament bible studY GUIDES

THE GOOD LIFE: three studies in Titus (A4 booklet)

TO LIVE IS CHRIST: Christ-centred community in Philippians (A4 booklet)

IN CHRIST ALONE: Paul's letter to the Colossians (A5 booklet)

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