Our Church Library

We have a small but helpful library of good Christian resources!


Gospel & Kingdom Graeme Goldsworthy (2 copies)

The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict Josh McDowell (1 copy)

The Reason for God Tim Keller (1 copy)

The Gospel Commission Michael Horton (1 copy)

A Christian's Pocket Guide to Baptism Robert Letham (2 copies)

Concise Theology J. I. Packer (2 copies)

Mere Christianity C. S. Lewis (2 copies)

The Problem of Pain C. S. Lewis (2 copies)

The King James Only Controversy James White (1 copy)

The Essence of the Reformation Kirsten Birkett (2 copies)

The Prodigal God Tim Keller (1 copy)

Nothing in my Hand I Bring Ray Galea (2 copies)

Knowing God J. I. Packer (3 copies)

From Mason to Minister Neil Cullan McKinlay (1 copy)

A Spectator's Guide to World Religions John Dickson (1 copy)

The Westminster Confession in Modern English Rowland Ward (1 copy)

Can Man Live Without God Ravi Zacharias (1 copy)

God's Big Picture Vaughan Roberts (1 copy)

Is Christianity Good for the World? A Debate C. Hitchens & D. Wilson (2 copies)

Why God Gave Us a Book Gene Veith (2 copies)

Why Good Arguments Often Fail James Sire (1 copy)

Jesus, Man or Myth Carsten Theide (1 copy)

Is Hell for Real? Various authors (1 copy)

Love Into Light Peter Hubbard (1 copy)

The God I Don't Understand Christopher Wright (1 copy)

Suffering & Evil Scott Petty (1 copy)

Understanding the Bible John Stott (1 copy)

True Community Jerry Bridges (1 copy)

Jesus Among Other Gods Ravi Zacharias (2 copies)

The Five Love Languages Gary Chapman (2 copies)

Praying: Finding our way from duty to delight J. I. Packer (1 copy)

I Believe in Revelation Leon Morris (1 copy)

I Want to Be a Christian J. I. Packer (2 copies)

Baptism, Election & the Covenant of Grace R. Scott Clark (1 copy)

A Little Primer on Humble Apologetics James W. Sire (1 copy)

Understanding the Bible John Stott (1 copy)

Gospel and Wisdom Graeme Goldsworthy (2 copies)

Homosexuality: Speaking the Truth in Love Edward T. Welch (1 copy)

My Friend is Struggling with the Death of a Loved One Josh McDowell & Ed Stewart (1 copy)

The Song of Creation Neil Cullan McKinlay (2 copies)

New Bible Commentary D.A. Carson et al. (Eds) (1 copy)

Changing the World through effective youth ministry Ken Moser (1 copy)

Joined-up Life - A Christian account of how ethics works Andrew J.B. Cameron (1 copy)

Know and Tell the Gospel John C. Chapman (2 copies)

Justification by Faith David Broughton Knox (1 copy)

The Single Issue Al Hsu (1 copy)

The Last Word on Guidance Phillip D Jensen & Tony Payne (1 copy)

A Summary of Christian Doctrine Louis Berkhof (1 copy)

What's So Amazing about Grace? Philip Yancey (1 copy)

God is Enough - Refocusing your life Ray Galea (1 copy)

Good News to the Poor Tim Chester (1 copy)

Crazy Busy - a short book about a big problem Kevin DeYoung (1 copy)

Prayer and the Knowledge of God Graeme Goldsworthy (1 copy)

Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life John Chapman (1 copy)

Making the Most of the Cross John Chapman (1 copy)

Making the Most of the Bible John Chapman (1 copy)

A Fresh Start John Chapman (1 copy)

God's Word J. I. Packer (1 copy)

Compared to Her: How to experience true contentment Sophie de Witt (1 copy)

Prayer and the Voice of God Phillip D Jensen & Tony Payne (1 copy)

The Essence of Feminism Kirsten Birkett (1 copy)

A Sinner's Guide to Holiness John Chapman (1 copy)

A Foot in Two Worlds John Chapman (1 copy)

Your Mind Matters John Stott (1 copy)

Praying the Lord's Prayer J. I. Packer (1 copy)

A Fresh Start John Chapman (1 copy)

Don't Waste Your Life John Piper (1 copy)

Living with the Underworld Peter Bolt (1 copy)

The Freedom of Self-forgetfulness Timothy Keller (1 copy)

One to One Bible Reading David Helm (4 copies)


Towards Belief - Olive Tree Media (2 disc set)

Battling Unbelief - John Piper (3 disc set)

Chosen by God - R. C. Sproul (2 disc set)

So Many Questions - Matthias Media (1 disc)

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