Meet the Team

Who is responsible for the care and direction of our church?

our pastor + elders

The Bible teaches that every Christian is an ambassador for Jesus Christ. Because of that, we believe everyone in God’s family of faith has a part to play in the life and ministry of the church. However, Wavell Heights Presbyterian Church is served in more formal ways by an ordained Pastor, three Elders, and a Pastoral & Administration Assistant. Here's the team:

matt viney

Pastor/Teaching Elder

greg rodgers

Elder (Session Clerk)

andrew ladlay


steve brown



Sam is new to our leadership team, but has already become an integral part of our growing church. With  experience in preaching and teaching across a diverse range of cultural settings, Sam is helping us to be more effective at reaching those outside our church. He's also keen to help us be a loving and welcoming church that integrates newcomers, so that people of all ages and stages can follow Jesus as one big, connected family. Sam loves a good coffee and a chat, as well as teasing Matt's cat Zuko!


Katie is world famous here at Wavell Heights Presbyterian. For a few years now she has served our growing church community in many ways. As our part-time Pastoral Assistant, she works alongside the rest of the leadership team to care for the church and ensure everything runs smoothly. She has a special focus on assisting the Pastor, while also supporting our congregation and encouraging personal discipleship. Katie

loves the outback, swimming, and is an avid paleontologist in her spare time.

our committee of management

Our church is also served by a team of gifted people who especially focus on practical matters relating to property, processes, and finances. They meet every two months and serve behind the scenes in many ways.

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